31 Jul 2016


A view from Brough harbour at 7am today.  Photo by Keith Parkes

2 tugs towing a Singapore registered accommodation rig to Scapa Flow.

The seals of Brough Bay are watching every move

29 Jul 2016

Just a Brief Visit

It's easy to forget just how beautiful Brough Bay is. I was at Dunnet Head and nearly carried on home. But when I made my way down I was rewarded with these sights.
Sometimes because the grand view is so stunning we can overlook the little stories, but the red of the poppies and the wildflowers by the bench make a  great place to sit for awhile.

I'm also very fond of seaweed and the steps make it easier to get down eye to eye with bladder wrack-- sounds like something from a Dr. Who episode.

And of course there is always the grand vista

2 Jul 2016

Slipway cleaning

 Cleaning the slipway with a pressure washer - great result

 It took 3 sessions of cleaning over 3 days to clean the slipway
Thanks to Tom, Dave (Glass), Dave (Kinghorn) & Mick.

Much safer & easier to launch & recover boats, and pleasant to walk down the slipway now.

Now is wait & see how soon we need to repeat the process.

Thanks to Stroupster Community Fund for the grant to hire a pressure washer for the next few months.