21 Mar 2017

Seal research at Brough harbour.

At our AGM we were delighted to be given a talk about seal research in the Pentland Firth.  The purpose of the research is to monitor seal behaviour round the subsea turbines connected with the MeyGen tidal power development.
Harbour seals are caught, briefly sedated, and a tracking device attached to their fur by super glue! The device transmits a signal each time the seals surface and thus their movements can be monitored. Harbour seals were chosen in preference to Grey seals as they stay much more locally, whereas Greys can often travel as far as the coast of Denmark and Germany.
The research is being conducted by a team of environmental research scientists at St Andrews University and the members of the association were very enthusiastic about the special importance Brough Bay has in providing a safe haven to the seals.

4 Mar 2017


March is here and the time is approaching to sharpen the tusker and cut the peats. Peat cutting has declined but some members of the Association still go to the hill each year.

Final load of the year - home and dry.