4 Jul 2015

Bothy Night at Brough Harbour

The Bothy Night on the 8th June was Amazing.

11 musicians and singers, plus a 'whistler', entertained an audience of around 50 on a very calm night at Brough harbour.     Refreshments were provided and donations of over £300 were raised for BBA.

There is a selection of photographs and video clip below thanks to Mike Goldwater, a professional photographer who was passing by and saw the event in progress.  See all of his pictures on this link;-

They played Klezmer music, the celebratory music of Eastern European Yiddish-speaking Jewish communities.
Simon Carlyle -          Tuba
Andrew Gardiner -   Clarinet.
Jan Waterfield - Accordion

Joanne Kaar         - Flute
Roger Broughton - Banjo
Joe Kaar               - Guitar
David Broughton - Fiddle

 Horsehair & Harmoney,
Susanne Lloyd-Jones - voice & whistle
George Pain -                Fiddle

Moira Land & Carol Breckenridge
The drinks table

Audience taking refreshment.
American folk singer  who was just passing and joined in.

George Douglas
Izzie - (the whislter)

Joe Kaar -        Guitar
David Broughton - button box

 Nancy Foggo on Guitar & singing.

Roger Broughton -   Banjo
Dave Broughton  - Fiddle.


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