17 Mar 2016

Back to Brough (without a rake this time)

I enjoyed the experiment in cleaning the slipway as Mick noted in last blog post. As a girl from the prairies anything to do with the sea is an adventure for me.

I came to the harbour today along with two other committee members (the knowledgeable ones) who were meeting with the engineer from Glasgow who may be doing some work for the slipway and bothy and possible parking area. There is a lot of work involved in keeping this wonderful asset in good nick and available to the community.

The tide was well out, the water slack so it looked like glass.  The sun came out as the engineer and her friend arrived. The air smelled of the sea and the birds settling into their nesting sites were making quite a clatter. It was a bonny site and the friend from Glasgow was astonished to see how beautiful it is. The beauty is not visible from the road so it was a nice surprise. She got to walk along the new path down to the beach. And after we left, a mother seal and her pup came out to sun themselves. We know how beautiful it is, but it is nice to rediscover it through the eyes of a newcomer.

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