6 Mar 2016

Rig 'Safe Boreas' in the Firth from Brough Bay

  Rig Safe Boreas in the Firth from Brough Bay

The vessel is named after Boreas, the Greek god of the north wind and the bringer of cold winter air.
It is an Accommodation vessel which will accommodate 450 in single rooms.

Name:Safe Boreas
MMSI:565905000 [SG]
Speed/Dir:0.5 kts / 343° NNW
Status:Restr. Manoeuvre
Dest:Weat of Swona (Dp Tr
ETA:Mar05 11:00
Type:Other (90)
Size:91m x 77m x 15.1m
Received:13:16:12 06 Mar 16 GMT

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